Colonie Lodge #2192

 PO Box 756 (11 Elks Lane)

Latham, NY 12110-0756

Secretary # 785-5714

Lodge # 785-3557

Directions to Lodge


1:    Page1 Front Page                                                               LODGE OFFICERS

2:    Page 2  Exalted Ruler Message                 NEW way to see the bulletin. All in one scroll.  Please let me know if you prefer this way.                                                       

3:    Miscellaneous Information                                                                            

       a:    Page 3    & Page 4 What's going on                     

       b:    Banquet & Buffet Menu & Wedding Menu's also Booking Policies

              Hor D'oeurves - Hot and Cold Canapés   Gourmet Buffet, Chocolate Fountain

              Beverage Options Renting the Lodge (Sponsored)

              Good News Chair Covers for Weddings             

              Please Call Marianne @ 518-235-9608 to schedule Banquets, Buffets or Weddings in the Lodge.

              Pictures of previous wedding

              Here is a great link to an unsolicited review of our Lodge weddings

        c:    Page 5 Patrons                                                     

       d.    Lodge Info.


4:    Activities with Colonie Lodge 


          a.  Page 6 Ladies Auxiliary News                               You can leave a message for the Secretary at the following email

          b.  Pictures of Recent Activities                              

          c.  Pictures of our Lodge:                                  

          d. Elk Birthdays, Spouse Birthdays, Anniversary             

          e.  HJR 13 Flag Protection Constitutional Amendment Cosponsor Drive 

          f. Becoming an Elk is easy.  Just fill out the form on and click on "Find New Membership Information"   

5:     Activities in the District

        a:   DD/SVP Visitation Schedule Visitations

        b    District Calendar  


6:    Monthly Calendar  and Menu 


7.     Pavilion Information Please Call Margaret Force @ 518-209-8065 to schedule Parties for the Pavilion

         a.    Rental Agreement

         b.    Food Price List

7.    Lodge Hours: Monday - Wednesday 6-10 pm; Thursday 6-10 p.m. ; Friday 5 pm to 11:00 p.m.; Saturday 2 pm -  Midnight


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